Neuropath – At Damnation's Core CD

Neuropath – At Damnation's Core CD

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Neuropath – 'At Damnation's Core' CD
Jewel case CD edition with 8 page booklet featuring rare photos plus linear notes, limited to 300 copies
Compilation CD featuring the hard to find demo & EP recorded by this brutal 90s monolith of the Australian death metal scene! Features 'Desert of Excruciation' EP (1996) & 'Nefarious Vivisection' demo (1995). A copulation of insanity borne by five teenagers from Sydney’s Northern Beaches with an adept ability to forge crushing Death Metal. Two demos illustrated a world of promise, before vanishing into obscurity. “At Damnation’s Core” announces Neuropath’s vulgar rebirth. This shamefully overlooked band was uncompromisingly raw and brutal - edge of Mid-90’s Death Metal, loaded with a dynamic range of high energy, guttural doom paced brutality and eerie atmospheric undertones. Ripe for rediscovery and appreciation especially for fans of the early Aussie scene and bands like Misery, Abramelin etc.

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