Nexul ‎– Scythed Wings Of Poisonous Decay CD

Nexul ‎– Scythed Wings Of Poisonous Decay CD

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Nexul ‎– 'Scythed Wings Of Poisonous Decay' CD

The new 2020 mini album 'Scythed Wings of Poisonous Decay' is both rawer and more refined, more traditional and unorthodox in equal measure, stridently death metal by both definition and the band's own iteration of such. NEXUL's new EP finds a rich 'n' robust balance between hammering bestiality, vortextural surge, and ancient expressions of the Metal of Death. "This record was written in dedication to Samael as the Angel of Death," the band explains, "a journey beyond the highest heavens to the deepest Abyss in genuflection of all powers of Downfall and Demise," and indeed does Scythed Wings of Poisonous Decay follow suit with an exploration of extremes that feels subtle, nuanced, almost ethereal, despite the characteristically overwhelming onslaught of sonic energies. Much lurks above and below here, where feeble 'n' feckless ears dare not tread; immerse oneself, however, and feel rapture of a most forbidden variety. Or, simply feel the molten crush of absolute POWER as its spreads outward like the eight arrows from the very Symbol of Chaos.

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