O.A.A Abyssic Darkness Volume 2 Tape

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O.A.A - 'Abyssic Darkness Volume 2'
Audio Cassette Compilation strictly limited to 50 copies. Deluxe edition on pro tape with full body printing, matching opaque case & fold out booklet all with exclusively comissioned artwork penned by the O.A.A.

The second installment in the ongoing series of Audio Cassettes that feature the Dark Ambient, Experimental, Noise, Electronic, and Dungeon Synth entities of the enigmatic Ordo Ater Anguis. The O.A.A is known more for its luminaries and zealots in the sphere of Black Metal. Having existed for well over a decade the covert order has amassed a plethora of material from which both old and new works will be selected and released to the public for the first time.
The Abyssic Darkness series aims to give a glimpse into the diverse musickal world of these fiends. All material released in the Abyssic Darkness series is 
exclusive to the compilations.

Abyssic Darkness Volume 2 features:

Side A

Akhtya : The Caves Of Chesmak Daeva (Blazing Eye Edit)
Forgotten Kingdoms : Peering Through The Veil Of Shadows
Atomic Research Center : Syntax 0
Gigim Xul : Passage Inferno
Rift : Graven Solace

Side B

Red Dragon : Crooked Serpent Awakens
Valefor : Shadows Of Pestilence
Apparition : Separation
A.G.L.S : Mercury In Pisces
Primitive New God : Deceit


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