Os - Tehom LP

Os - Tehom LP

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Os - 'Tehom' LP

140g Black vinyl edition with insert limited to 400 copies
New 2022 album of Hungarian Death Metal armed with one of the thickest and scuzziest guitar tones around, the haunting ritualism that opens Tehom soon gives way to foulest filth: a crashing wave of disgusting, dingy riff-crunge somewhere between the most primitive bestial metal and Naked Whipping deathgrind. However, OS are exclusively driven by death energies, so lest anyone lumbers under the assumption that the quartet are but mere cavemen - although, that wouldn't necessarily be a slight to them in the least - unfold those tar-thick layers and feel the subtle tinge of the supernatural, the Beyond made manifest through simplicity of design. Indeed, Tehom is almost cruelly simple, but sublime is its feast...

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