Pestilential Shadows - 'Devil's Hammer' LP (Hellfire Red & Gold Galaxy Effect Vinyl)

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Pestilential Shadows - 'Devil's Hammer' LP

Hellfire Red & Gold Galaxy Effect Vinyl edition with download code limited to 199 copies. Please note that each record is unique and the actual vinyl colouring may differ from the mock up image.

Devil’s Hammer” marks the seventh full-length opus from Australia's Pestilential Shadows, a testament to the band’s unmatched creativity and musical prowess that has become their trademark. Like the hot winds of hell bleaching the land with dark pestilence the plague master strikes with furious finesse and sweeping ferocity while displaying a measured restraint and masterfully evocative use of melody that comes with decades of dedication to their craft. Old and new fans alike will quiver under the might of the devil's hammer so skilfully wielded by Pestilential Shadows!

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