Pestilential Shadows - The Fate Of All That Lives & Impaled By The Moon Tape

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Pestilential Shadows - 'The Fate Of All That Lives & Impaled By The Moon' Tape

Deluxe pro cassette tape with green shell & full body print plus printed insert. Limited to 50 copies.

Side A features, for the first time since its release on very limited tape in 2003, the first Pestilential Shadows demo; finally truly made public once again! This is where the plague began and spread, quickly making a name for itself in the Australian underground. Balam & Meririm (Azgorh) drag you into a world of remorseless, dark and melancholic Black Metal; void of compassion and heralding in the pestilence that will cleanse mankind.

On Side B another limited demo which was first released in 2005 entitled "Impaled by the Moon". This time with Balam, Meririm & Wraith in a diabolical union which truly showcases the development of this band's sombre, melancholic and shadowy Black Metal.

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