Ravenous Dusk - The Dead Of Night Tape (DELUXE EDITION)

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Ravenous Dusk - 'The Dead Of Night' Tape

DELUXE EDITION INCLUDES : Cassette edition on pro tape with transparent midnight blue shell, full body printing, j-card, high quality woven patch, metal logo pin & download code limited to 13 copies. 

Download code unlocks digital only bonus tracks : Ravenous Dusk’s dungeon synth EP, 'Vermillion Moon' exclusive to this release.

Ravenous Dusk debuts in 2022 with the ‘Dead of Night’ demo. Four tracks of diabolical Vampyric Black Metal from the prolific entity known as Wraith (Nazxul) performing all guitars, vocals and otherworldly atmospheres, with Balam (Pestilential Shadows) contributing bass. ‘The Dead of Night’ delivers classic 90’s style Black Metal in the vein of Dissection, Emperor and Satyricon with grandiose melodies, a sense of dynamic, chilling savagery and dark nocturnal splendour enlivened with layers of symphonic atmosphere, haunting Gothic pipe organ and bloodstained beauty in darkness inspired by the sanguisuge savagery of the beast…

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