Sōlis Sanguis ‎– Sōlis Sanguis CD

Sōlis Sanguis ‎– Sōlis Sanguis CD

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Sōlis Sanguis ‎– 'Sōlis Sanguis' CD
CD edition limited to 300 copies
Excellent apocalyptic 2017 debut album of Russian Black Metal. Scathing, harsh hellfire! The world is aflame with blinding solar destruction.
Up to the Bottom and down to the Top, to the center of the Abyss of Spirit, towards the Source of Darkness that glows deep inside. Usurpers of spiritual authority - Sōlis Sanguis - aiming the arrows against the world, piercing the illusions with the Light of Anti-being. Destructive mantras of Black Metal, spreading poison in veins of demiurge.
Darkness is True, there`s no Darkness in truths, Darkness is Anti-light

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