Tenebræ In Perpetvvm ‎– Anorexia Obscura CD

Tenebræ In Perpetvvm ‎– Anorexia Obscura CD

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Tenebræ In Perpetvvm ‎– 'Anorexia Obscura' CD
6 panel digipak edition with booklet
After a decade of silence, in 2019 TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM return from the grave with their fourth opus, “Anorexia Obscura”. Presenting forty minutes of frozen, mystical Black Metal spread across seven diabolical hymns, “Anorexia Obscura” shines an illuminating light upon the grim atmospheres, equanimous structures and raw dissonance found within. A dark simulacrum comprised of razor-sharp discordant riffing, cold electronics, and an absolutely unhinged vocal performance strides over frigid blast beats provided by Chimsicrin of GORRCH. With his latest work, founding member and multi-instrumentalist Atratus reveals black visions of demented afflictions of mind and soul, of inhuman experiments amidst cold silicon and sharp steel tools. Primeval in spirit but with practiced precision, “Anorexia Obscura” is a new pinnacle of genius for TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM.

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