Tetelis ‎– La Última Mesnada CD

Tetelis ‎– La Última Mesnada CD

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Tetelis ‎– 'La Última Mesnada' CD
Tetelis is a Spanish Pagan Black Metal band, raising Castile's ancient banner through memorable epic hymns and heathen and medieval romanticism. Tetelis means “guardianship” in latin and is the etymological root of Tedeja, the name of a fortress considered as the capital of the primitive Castile. This release compiles the three first works, 'Nuevo Pueblo' (EP, 2013), 'Gutton' (Single, 2015), 'En Campo de Gules' (EP, 2016) and 'El Monte de las Ánimas' (Uruk-Hai cover) as a bonus track. Limited to 500 copies.

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