Tetragrammacide - Typho-Tantric Aphorisms From The Arachneophidian Qur'an CD (Special Edition)

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Tetragrammacide - 'Typho​-​Tantric Aphorisms From The Arachneophidian Qur'an' CD

Deluxe special edition in 4 panel hardcover digibook with 20 page booklet on art paper limited to 1000 copies

New 2023 album. Hailing from the ever-thriving and always-interesting Indian metal underground, TETRAGRAMMACIDE have proven to transcend even such already-superlative boundaries. For over a decade now, the hydra-headed entity has created one of the most genuinely threatening and overwhelmingly violent sounds of modern times, and then they flip the script by becoming clearer and more focused and somehow even more feral.  Their most devastating work from top to bottom: Here, the Indian sonic temple expand the extremes latent to their aesthetic, and draw them closer and most distant simultaneously, playing into the head-spinning and ouroboros-eating vortex of the album's themes itself. 
Totaling 11 songs across 45 minutes it reaps a whirlwind of pistons-pumping martial death metal made flesh through geysers of kaleidoscopic blood. Riffs bend, bruise, and batter, but not necessarily in that order; they're always moving, however, and that movement is mesmerising in its linear-yet-divergent flow. Vocals storm from above and below, world-eating to the extreme. Drums are literally insane, playing with psychotic precision and also fuck-everything barbarity. The production is as powerful and "pro" as any big-league death metal record past or present, hereby underling the fact that TETRAGRAMMACIDE could challenge (and summarily decimate) any throne-holder or -pretender. 

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