Tyrannic - Exterminating Angel Tape

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Tyrannic - 'Exterminating Angel' Tape
Hot on the hooves of last year's 'Ethereal Sepulchre' album the Tyrant cracks his whip again with 4 new tracks in 2019 unleashing the most ardent recital of woe and doom! Tyrannic's fury is primitive and potent, like the breaking of a tomb slab cleft open by a sulfurous supernatural force as drums pummel like the devil's trotters and the Tyrant howls to the moon his cryptic utterings of deathly reflection all served with beastly grunt and animalistic power! Released exclusively on tape limited to only 100 copies. Pro cassette tape with purple shell & body printing, matching transperent purple case & printed booklet plus each tape comes with a pin & folded A3 print of one of the Tyrant's artworks.

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