Tyrannic - 'Mortuus Decadence' Tape

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Tyrannic - 'Mortuus Decadence' Tape

Deluxe cassette edition on pro tape with transparent purple shell, full body printing and j-card. Limited to 50 copies.
Comes with 1 x  digital  download code which will be emailed to you after release date.
The tyrant torments again... under the glassy gazing eye of the goat to scythe, slash and sow the discontent of death's morbid passion. A hell-bent harvest of decadent doom and maniacal old school black metal to bask in the bacchanalian bleat of the beast; A BEAST of an album! The trio unleash endlessly rolling/roiling screeds of physicality that mutate in a most bizarre manner. Both denominations of "black" and "doom" are still apropros here, but the seemingly scattershot attack TYRANNIC take strikes upon the wild & weird terrain trod by the likes of old Mortuary Drape, Root, Hungary's Tormentor, Barathrum, Brazilian iconoclasts like Impurity and Sextrash, or even very earliest Mayhem. Still, it cannot be overstated that there's indeed order here - except that it's cracked and broken and betraying a woozy wisdom only known to TYRANNIC.

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