Urn ‎– The Burning CD

Urn ‎– The Burning CD

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Urn ‎– 'The Burning' CD
One of the Finnish underground's longest-running yet best-kept secrets, URN have been flying the flag of hate for unholy blackthrash since 1994. Founded by ex-Barathrum guitarist Sulphur, URN have been a study in delayed-gratification patience and trend-bucking defiance. 'The Burning' is the triumphant phoenix from the ashes. Still maintaining that power-trio formation but now featuring a new lineup that includes guitarist Too Loud and drummer Revenant, 'The Burning' literally explodes with an excitement that's long been missing in black metal - suitably so, as it's URN's first new recording in nearly a decade. Well rested, then, but certainly not resting on past laurels, URN here fire off one veritable anthem after another with an urgency that's startling to behold; the energy and passion are writ large across The Burning, and absolutely impossible to contain. And yet, for all its immediacy, there's a certain grace and grandeur to The Burning that URN have never revealed before: a wide-open, widescreened "man on the mountain" type of atmosphere that makes this pure black HEAVY METAL all the more majestic. However, let it be known that these Finnish bastards still revel in the dirt, just that now they've delivered their rancorous visions in a recording that's their most robust and powerful to date. Feel The Burning? It's URN, 666% back with a bestial invasion in the sign of evil! 

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