Zvijer - Navia (Zadah Jalovog Svijeta) CD

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Zvijer - 'Navia (Zadah Jalovog Svijeta)' CD
Jewel case CD edition limited to 500 copies
ZVIJER, The Beast has lain in wait; stalking the darkness and bristling with savagery now striking in 2020 with a brand new album, ‘Navia (Zadah Jalovog Svijeta)’. Members Knjaz and Insanus (Castrum) unleash a relentless attack of traditional black metal that thunders with wrath and seethes with sinister melodic riffs, scathing vocals and a brutal sense of grandiosity while thematically exploring dark folklore and funeral customs from the Balkan territories as well as the significance of night time as an archetype of worship and symbol of the great unknown darkness. Expressing an irrepressible black energy - the lifeblood of ancient traditions is most aptly expressed though cacophonous riffs which are beguilingly melodic whilst being cold and savage as they brood and ebb like a growling beast, before unleashing fast paced fury and barbaric vocal vitriol. Crafted with an imposing musical mastery, dynamic song writing and a towering aura of grandiosity the album becomes ever more potent and bewitching with each listen.

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