Forest Nocturne – Scientia Potentia Est LP

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Forest Nocturne – 'Scientia Potentia Est' LP

180g Black vinyl edition with insert limited to 150 copies & bonus cut out sticker
Finally 20 years after the initial 2002 split with Eternal Dark,  Forest Nocturne emerges from the wilderness with this striking, long over due and simultaneously highly anticipated debut full length album! First emerging in the early 00's Australian scene only to fall silent, Forest Nocturne is silent no longer  - unleashing this splendid opus of classic sounding melodic Black Metal that is truly spellbinding with its scathing vitriol, contrasted by a majestic symphonic grandiosity and atmosphere that captures an enticing mysticism and energy that has been lost in the barrage of modern bands and pretenders to Black Metal. An essential recommendation to all fans of Australian Black Metal and second wave Black Metal bands like early Dimmu Borgir, Gehenna, Arcturus, Limbonic Art, later Emperor etc.

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