Furis Ignis – Turm LP

Furis Ignis – Turm LP

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Furis Ignis – 'Turm' LP

140g Black vinyl edition with insert limited to 400 copies
New in 2022, Striking while the iron's red-hot, FURIS IGNIS return with a five-song/33-minute mini-album titled Turm. The foundation thankfully remains much the same - old Germania in the mold of Moonblood and equally early Desaster and Katharsis, deftly dissected and reassembled, this time spiced with old Abigor and Marduk - and the attack continues to be ghoulish and grim. Compared to the robust swelter of its full-length predecessor, Turm unapologetically maintains a much rawer aspect that nevertheless still clangs, throbs, and thrusts with legitimately live execution. Therefore, even with the blizzard beasts banging on its door, Turm remains an exquisitely gutted and grimy spin, with the spectral fog eventually clearing to reveal something akin to late '90s (and too-overlooked) Darkthrone residing in a lonely castle. 

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