Lord Kaos - Thorns of Impurity 2LP Vinyl Reissue

Lord Kaos - Thorns of Impurity 2LP Vinyl Reissue

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Lord Kaos - 'Thorns of Impurity' 2LP

Double vinyl edition on black vinyl in gatefold sleeve with A4 booklet + bonus track

Lord Kaos formed Sydney, Australia 1994 by Lord of Night Summoning (Elysium, Stone Wings etc), Incubus and Jamie “Astennu” Stinson. After this album was recorded, but before it was released, Astennu would move to Norway and join Dimmu Borgir and Convenant. 'Thorns of Impurity' was the band's only full length album originally released in 1997 to much acclaim in the underground scene. It is an important piece of Australian black metal history and a classic example of 90s era symphonic black metal with influences from Satyricon, Limbonic Art, Emperor etc. The music is bombastic, yet dark with varied tempos and eerie atmospheres throughout. Most certianly an underrated gem that has been long out of print -  now finally reissued in this wonderful expanded edition with newly scanned original cover art, rare photos & bonus track, 'Black Earth' previously only found on "Under the Southern Cross" compilation (1999) by Nuclear War Now! Productions.

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