Rope Sect - The Great Flood LP

Rope Sect - The Great Flood LP

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Rope Sect - 'The Great Flood' LP
140g Black vinyl edition with insert & poster
With almost graceful ease, ROPE SECT deliver their stunning debut album in 2020, aptly titled The Great Flood. Indeed, this first full-length floods the listener with a vast array of sounds and textures, paradoxically pulled tighter and in a more monochromatic manner. It is a record of stark contrasts, subtly drawn together: more delicate vs. more driving, more melody vs. more motorik, shimmering atmosphere vs. clanging minimalism, sharp stabs vs. smooth caresses. Each of these ten songs feels like something old - an old song, an old feeling, an old friend - brought back to life and revamped into a ghost of itself, perversely inviting but portending great gloom 'n' doom. And while there might've been trace elements of black metal across ROPE SECT's prior short-lengths, here on The Great Flood, that's all excised in favor of simply BLACK - and the boundless colors absorbed (and reconstituted) therein. The sum emphasis is on the SONGS, and these are all anti-anthems worth singing...or not. ROPE SECT, now more ever, are existing in their own bleak and brilliantly rarefied world.

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