Seance New Release CD Bundle : November 2021 Releases

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This Bundle Includes
1 x Tyrannic -  'Mortuus Decadence' CD
1 x Krvna - 'Sempinfernus' CD
1 x Black Crucifixion - 'Triginta' CD
1 x Rift - 'To Quench the Thirst of Wolves' CD
1 x Download code per title for digital copy.
Tyrannic -  'Mortuus Decadence' CD
Gatefold digi-sleeve edition limited to 500 copies
The tyrant torments again... under the glassy gazing eye of the goat to scythe, slash and sow the discontent of death's morbid passion. A hell-bent harvest of decadent doom and maniacal old school black metal to bask in the bacchanalian bleat of the beast; A BEAST of an album! The trio unleash endlessly rolling/roiling screeds of physicality that mutate in a most bizarre manner. Both denominations of "black" and "doom" are still apropros here, but the seemingly scattershot attack TYRANNIC take strikes upon the wild & weird terrain trod by the likes of old Mortuary Drape, Root, Hungary's Tormentor, Barathrum, Brazilian iconoclasts like Impurity and Sextrash, or even very earliest Mayhem. Still, it cannot be overstated that there's indeed order here - except that it's cracked and broken and betraying a woozy wisdom only known to TYRANNIC.
Krvna - 'Sempinfernus' CD
Gatefold Digi-Sleeve edition with booklet limited to 500 copies
The 2021 debut album, 'Sempinfernus' is immersive and magickal, redolent of the glorious past yet evincing a character that's timeless and transportative; black metal mysticism at its very finest. The soundfield that maestro Krvna Vatra erects is sumptuous beyond compare - its hues of richest purple, its touch velvety as it swirls around one's spirit. His songwriting cruises and crests and cruises some more, its passages employed with expert care, each one seemingly reaching catharsis every step of the way. As such, KRVNA's iteration of idiomatic "vampyric black metal" is rooted more in intent rather than sticking to the proverbial letter; similarly, to qualify Sempinfernus as "cosmic" would also miss the point. Simply put, KRVNA here creates black metal when it was BLACK METAL - past, present, future. All is cursed... Suitably grandiose, exceptionally otherworldly, dazzling and spire-like in its heights and seemingly fathomless in its depths, KRVNA's Sempinfernus is sanguineous decadence writ large and a glorious triumph for Australia's ever-fertile black metal underground.
Black Crucifixion - 'Triginta'
Gatefold digi-sleeve CD with booklet featuring liner notes and rare photos spanning the band's 30 year history limited to 500 copies.
In 2021 Seance Records presents Black Crucifixion’s 30th anniversary album, ‘Triginta’ featuring three new tracks and carefully chosen live versions of material spanning the three decades of their career. Black Crucifixion played their first show in August 1991 in Finland, sharing the stage with their compatriots Beherit, Impaled Nazarene, Sentenced, Amorphis, and Belial. That evening was the kick-start for a long career in the shadows. Black Crucifixion has remainined a cult band known for the quality of their output, and now ‘Triginta’ is the perfect bookend for the band’s current era, modern black metal with a frost chilled savagery that is sharp and punchy while infused with undeniably infectious old school fervor and a dark, doom tinged melancholia. ‘Triginta’ also once again features Finnish prog rock legend Rekku Rechardt on lead and rhythm guitars, helping to ignite the new tracks with the fearless dark creative soul that beats at the heart of Black Crucifixion.
Rift - 'To Quench the Thirst of Wolves' CD
Gatefold digi-sleeve edition limited to 500 copies.
This work of somber yet savage lycanthropy springs from the dark mind of Balam, best known for Pestilential Shadows. Rift first tentatively bayed at the moon in 2006 with the EP, ‘Eyes of the Basilisk’. Soon after in 2007, ‘To Quench the Thirst of Wolves’ was recorded but Rift lay like the beast, sleeping in the shadows – waiting for the lunar call to awaken in 2021 and finally be completed with the addition of vocals by A.S (Order of Orias). Now a duo, Rift is a beast that bares its jaws to the night sky with a sublime, seductive splendor; a howling madrigal of supremely epic and atmospheric, melodic Black Metal that ebbs and flows with a brooding menace while the vocals of A.S unleash a wolven savagery that simmers with a primal urge for blood. All framed by a somber tenebrous dusk, so evocative of the night, which blooms with magnificent full moon splendor as choral passages swell and soar, while atmospheric interludes beckon the darkest spectres and most unholy lusts that linger in the night while Rift thematically delves into the supernatural world, predominately lycanthropy and the legend of the werewolf.

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