Seance New Release CD ONLY Bundle

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Seance New Release CD Bundle
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All 3 Seance Records New Release CDs for $30 + download codes - Limited time only! Postage not included.
This Bundle Includes
1 x Pestilential Shadows - Revenant CD
1 x Ichor - Black Raven CD
1 x Shuyet - Shuyet CD
1 x Download code per title for digital copy.
Pestilential Shadows - 'Revenant' CD
Gatefold Digi-sleeve edition with booklet limited to 500 copies

Revenant' is the highly anticipated sixth album from one of Australia's longest-running and most respected black metal bands. The shadowy collective led by founding vocalist/guitarist Balam consistently create compelling swathes of drama and darkness, all-enveloping emotion and regal-yet-gritty grandeur. Truly, PESTILENTIAL SHADOWS are black metal classicism par excellence. As suggested by its namesake, Revenant is the unclean spirit who returns after death, re-animated with the foul breath of death. Suitably, each individual song here sees PESTILENTIAL SHADOWS explore the planes of our existence and the numerous incarnations of death. The album's seamless and flowing rise-and-fall vividly illustrate its themes, presenting black metal in a plausibly professional manner without sacrificing any of the church-burning fire that so ignited the early '90s. Revenant, then, is refreshing in its equally modern/timeless contours: darkness unbound!

Ichor - 'Black Raven' CD
Gatefold digi-sleeve edition limited to 500 copies
In 2021 ICHOR and the Black Raven unfurl their wings to cast a blackened shadow over this plague ridden world with the release of their album, ‘The Black Raven’. Ichor, featuring the two founding members of Australia’s Nazxul, forge ahead with a decidedly more atmospheric vision that is consciously understated – yet magnificently majestic, vastly epic and utterly timeless! Created with the impassioned sensibility of the 90s scene from which the duo arose, the album is still decidedly modern and engaging. Taking inspiration from Viking era Bathory and the 90’s Pagan Black Metal which these albums inspired. Like these works ‘Black Raven’ is predominantly a brooding mid-paced affair accentuated with flourishes of pomp and might, conveyed with the purposeful clash of keyboards that resonate like a bombastic call to battle. An alluring sense of haunting magic also emerges from within the album with subtle strains of folk melody, acoustic passages and an underlying ambience. ‘The Black Raven’ builds to peaks of rewarding grandeur with its insidiously grim aura and layers of melancholic melody. Thematically the music comes to life, animated with the breath of ancient memory and a sense of primal mystery, invoking the dark forests and ice peaked mountainous sublimity of Eastern Europe from which the founders of Ichor claim their heritage. The link with this land as a spiritual home, inhabited by the presence of the ancient Slavic Gods and spirits is key to the music of Ichor as they weave tales of dark Slavic magic, witchcraft and folklore.

Shuyet - Shuyet CD EP
Gatefold digi-sleeve CD limited to 500 copies

Seance Records opens the tomb and unravels the layers of burial shroud to present the debut EP of Egypt's SHUYET in 2021. The self titled work unveils three phenomenal tracks of arcane Black Metal that merge a distinctly modern sound with Ancient Egyptian tradition and the crawling chaos of 90s black metal. This is a soul haunting summoning of ancient forces and antediluvian atmosphere; with towering riffs, storms of furious darkness and evocative graven orations, channelled through the ether of time. The elements within consecrate a grand declaration – invoking the mysteries of the soul with the ageless obscurity of antiquity.

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