Adversvm ‎– Dysangelion CD

Adversvm ‎– Dysangelion CD

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Adversvm ‎– 'Dysangelion' CD
New 2019 album from the tenebrous Titans . “Dysangelion” is a powerfully ominous offering; every note is drenched in darkness, creeping with the icy touch of the abyss and every beat is tell-tale of your doom! Shadowy, atmospheric interludes collide with utterly crushing and mesmeric death/doom passages. Highlighted against the dense structuring of mixed vocals and bludgeoning pulse, is terrifically tormented guitar work. Chorded ataxia suddenly rots, as transient austerity emerges, and then sloughs into murky, down-tuned dismal euphony. As a perpetually swinging transmitter of tempestuous conviction releases furious hearts from status quos paradigms, witness Adversvm’s Apocalyptic awakening as “Dysangelion” crushes All!

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