Ævangelist ‎– Dream An Evil Dream LP

Ævangelist ‎– Dream An Evil Dream LP

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Ævangelist ‎– 'Dream An Evil Dream' LP
Black vinyl edition with insert and download code
2015 EP of American deathly esoteric Black Metal & eerie cosmic horror. “Dream An Evil Dream” was conceived from pure forms of stream of consciousness transmitted through music. Creating music is a process of divination, by which we may open portals to non-linear universes and commune with extra-dimensional entities. “Dream An Evil Dream” was just much created by AEVANGELIST, as it was created through AEVANGELIST. While others have tried and failed to convey the sense of 'ritual' through music, AEVANGELIST believe to have stumbled upon some alien source of pure evil, with a certainty that defeats reason and skepticism. Now, with this improvised piece of voidgazing, in throes of unimaginable despair, you too will find yourself among dark figures in the night that beckon you to dream, to dream an evil dream.

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