Ara Solis – Ashvattha LP

Ara Solis – Ashvattha LP

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Ara Solis – 'Ashvattha' LP

Black vinyl edition with insert limited to 200 copies

Debut 2023 album from Ara Solis, a black metal band from Galicia, an Atlantic region in the northwest of Spain deeply idiosyncratic in terms of history and heritage -  which serves as an unique form of inspiration for the band. Their debut album 'Ashvattha', is a conceptual work characterised by a memorable minimalist riff style with intricate song structures, atavistic percussive work, eerie ambient synths, desolate yells and charnel whispers. Expect nothing but unadulterated black metal in the old way, heavily influenced by bands such as Stigma Diabolicum, Darkthrone, Ildjarn, Mutiilation, Von, Demoncy, early Vlad/Blut Aus Nord.

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