Byyrth - Cold Autumn Shadows MLP

Byyrth - Cold Autumn Shadows MLP

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Byyrth - 'Cold Autumn Shadows' MLP
140g black vinyl edition limited to 300 copies
Following on from their critically acclaimed second album, Echoes From the Seven Caves of Blood, here on Cold Autumn Shadows do BYYRTH continue to strike a new, frightening face for vampiric black metal. More effortlessly than before do they eschew the withering frivolity and frivolousness of most definitions of anything "vampiric" in regards to black metal: this Californian quartet kick in quickly with a ripped-raw and unrepentantly punkish attack. Blown-out and harshing everyone's mellow, each iron-fisted anthem of theirs marches forward with absolute arrogance and an enviable swagger, but true to this mini-album's title, Cold Autumn Shadows indeed imparts a newfound melancholy for BYYRTH that's equally potent.
Make no mistake, though: BYYRTH's vampirism is an indomitable variety, the alpha to everyone else's omega. And once again, they accomplish their sanguinary goals with an almost militant efficiency: Cold Autumn Shadows imparts dark medieval times in a compact 26 minutes, swirling the listener into a lysergic haze of ancient-days mysticism. Somehow more brittle but emboldened, this is the sound of BYYRTH spreading black leathery wings of doom ever wider...

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