Cave Mouth – The Dark Has Teeth CD

Cave Mouth – The Dark Has Teeth CD

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Cave Mouth – 'The Dark Has Teeth' CD
3 panel digipak edition limited to 500 copies
2021 album of female driven dark ambient witchcraft, as haunting as it is beautiful & minimalist as it is epic. Where literary musings meet a visceral soundscape invoking mythic visions and heartfelt fables. The brain child of Meghan Wood (Crown of Asteria) & writer Katie Metcalfe. The album's heart is made up from folklore, witchcraft, superstitions, legends and the old ways of England, Scandinavia and further afield across Europe. Mental illness also gets a look in. You will encounter, among others, a witch who flies with no broomstick beneath her, a hag from the Dane Hills who flays children alive, and a black dog whose howl spells death.
If you listen to the album, you'll find many of the songs have sparse lyrics. That's because, on those days, a few words was all I could manage to put down. The longer pieces were made on somewhat better days. I'm saying this because I hope to encourage other creative folks with ill mental health not to be afraid to create and share what they make, especially when it feels like things aren't going to get better. That's when it's most important to muster courage and fight back with art.

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