Hellehond ‎– Verslonden LP (Ltd White & Black Marble Vinyl)

Hellehond ‎– Verslonden LP (Ltd White & Black Marble Vinyl)

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Hellehond ‎– 'Verslonden' LP
140g White & Black Marbled Vinyl with insert limited to only 100 copies
Hailing from the Netherlands, HELLEHOND although an otherwise-new entity, the band members include Bob Bagchus of legendery Asphyx fame & members of Wederganger. With HELLEHOND's primary influences being Hellhammer, early Celtic Frost, and Bathory, it's no surprise that 'Verslonden' is a gutted 'n' grimy experience. Raw and primitive black metal without any compromises is what you'll find here: no more, but certainly no less! As perhaps expected, the members' erstwhile activities can be felt in HELLEHOND's antagonizing attack - the ominous gallop of Asphyx, the feverish rocking of Wederganger but the quartet keep that attack securely on their own terms, with songwriting that squarely splits the difference between old-fashioned memorability and cold 'n' distant atmosphere.

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