Cursed Excruciation - 'Arcane Diabolism' LP

Cursed Excruciation - 'Arcane Diabolism' LP

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Cursed Excruciation - 'Arcane Diabolism' LP

140g Black Vinyl edition with insert limited to 150 copies

Enter Brazilian solo act, CURSED EXCRUCIATION's 2023 debut full-length an expurse of sonic sodomy from southern climes circa 1993 - specifically, landmark records like Necromantia's 'Crossing the Fiery Path' and Mystifier's 'Göetia'. Trance of the Undead somehow manages to channel the aura of both aforementioned landmarks simultaneously - and, in the process, reveal an identity all his own. Hulking and lurking, surging sulphurously with a primal power that's exceptionally nuanced, literally Olde Worlde is this black metal, entrancing as it is engaging, casting spells - ugly and ceremonial, seemingly crude in their dungeonic plunge but transcendental in final effect; physicality is real and wielded freely, just as it was in those fiery days of the early '90s. Unshackled from orthodoxy but bound by the Devil's power, all the witches will dance when CURSED EXCRUCIATION speak their Arcane Diabolism!

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