Ego Depths – Elläkkairavertta CD

Ego Depths – Elläkkairavertta CD

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Ego Depths – 'Elläkkairavertta' CD
4 Panel digipak CD edition
2022 album of Canadian ritual doom act Ego Depths. On his fifth full-length album, the mastermind Stigmatheist melts down into an amalgam his dissonant guitar marches, monstrous growls and throat singing chants; fusing ritual atmospheres with slow paced doom metal - raging with rare black explosions and filling the conquered emptiness with ultra black hole heaviness. Extensive use of various ritual instruments, including his signature dan moi (Vietnamese jaw harp) and newly included Aztec death whistle, Stigmatheist manages to create an even deeper atmosphere - an endless doom ritual, inducing a paralytic embracing of the listener with its almost 70 minutes which plunge into the abyss. Highly recommended for fans of the genre, looking for a ritual trip to be immersed into!

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