Kemet  – The Philosophical Child CD

Kemet – The Philosophical Child CD

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Kemet  – 'The Philosophical Child' CD
Digi-sleeve CD edition
2023 album of Deep Ritual Dark Ambient with Eastern reflections. Project by Mo Massaya of Sublimatio Mortis in the vein of Dead Can Dance, Arcana, Arktau Eos, Lapis Niger etc. Kemet is an alchemical sonic project that accompanies spiritual works and accentuates the state of trance in meditation. Representing the black earth, the true symbol of the occult (that which is hidden) for the ancient Egyptians, who called themselves " The people of Kem. " This project is a tribute to the gods and goddesses as the root directly linked to alchemical practices. Hermetic influences are transmitted through vibrations to create a symbiosis with the laboratory. Pieces of alambic and parts of distillation work were captured and used as resonances. The winds carried it, and the earth nourished it. Fire becomes earth. Separate the earth from the fire, and it will enlighten you.

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