Lycia - In Flickers CD

Lycia - In Flickers CD

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Lycia - 'In Flickers' CD
Now in their 30th year, legendary USA darkwave band LYCIA returns with a new album in 2018 which still pushes at the boundaries experimenting with sound; 'In Flickers' is an emotionally charged album of deeply personal darkwave/post-rock. The ten tracks are intriguing meditations on forgotten paths, corrupted hopes, and faint memories of beauty. Lycia's signature 90's sound is present in the lavish ethereal melodies, haunting vocal passages and the brooding Gothic essence as it mingles with emotional acoustic guitar and layers of hypnotic cold synth, reminiscent of their early sound but flirting with the present to create an album that is both current and timeless. The open-ended melancholy captures a cold and desolate spirit, a sound as somber as the lyrics themselves. From the title track, “Silently they were taken away today / their future happiness and dreams were just thrown away / did they ever see the sun beyond the rain? / the only hope was they felt hopes in flickers / in flickers.” First press, digipak edition limited to 1000 copies, comes with download code.

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