Modern Rites – Monuments LP

Modern Rites – Monuments LP

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Modern Rites – 'Monuments' LP

Heavyweight black vinyl edition with grey spinner & splatter effect. Includes insert & download code. 
MODERN RITES is a new Industrial-rooted, melodic Black Metal duo formed by guitarist Berg of Swiss Atmospheric Black Metal band AARA and multi-instrumentalist/vocalist/visual artist Jonny Warren of US Experimental Metal band KUYASHII. The debut album “Monuments” began in Autumn 2020 when in mutual respect for the other's craft, the pair started trading tracks across borders with the goal of creating a unique sound which would transcend cultural barriers.
The core of MODERN RITES is Jonny's heavily distorted bass sound inspired by dark Industrial music of the early ‘90s: the diverging, stereo bass-paths create a desolate landscape in which Berg's guitars open portals into dark atmospheres with crushing riffs, anthemic tremolo leads and diverse textural work. Lyrically this set of meticulously-crafted songs explore the bleaker aspects of the human condition, diving into psychology, isolation, conflict, and the ever-evolving shadow self.

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