Mosaic – Heimatspuk LP (Transparent Red Vinyl)

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Mosaic  – 'Heimatspuk' LP (Transparent Red Vinyl)

180g Transparent red vinyl edition with 24 page booklet & download code limited to 200 copies

2022 album of experimental black / folk metal from Germany that conjures ancient traditional, wild woods and tales told by firelight. Reflection, contemplation, inner catharsis, and world escape are driven by heart and soul interwoven with moments of bittersweet melancholy and nostalgia. Once again it is about old Thuringian traditions, poetry, and customs; about ghosts and demons; about the devil; and about the simple man who must not lose himself in the wild world. Likewise, it is about the power of nature as the ultimate shelter; about winter customs and ghostly witches. In addition, the album is strongly inspired by the works of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Georg Heym, Georg Trakl, and many other regional Thuringian poets. Dark primal folk melodies, sung in the regional dialect, lead up to wild atmospheric black metal anthems.

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