Night Gaunt ‎– The Room CD

Night Gaunt ‎– The Room CD

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Night Gaunt ‎– 'The Room' CD
Digipak edition
Doom Metal from Italy Inspired by bands like Candlemass, Trouble and Celtic Frost. The combination of each member's main influences creates a dark, raw and personal traditional doom metal. The name refers to the Lovecraftian faceless creature who used to kidnap the author at nightime to take him into the Dreamland. This new 2018 album offers the traditional style of doom metal delivered with pure heaviness and a touch of Gothic darkness. 
'The Room’s' aim is to convey all the effects that a loss has on the human soul: rage, desperation, denial and depression that will be ultimately processed in the phases of bargaining and acceptation. Each song wants to evoke all these feelings in a dark mixture of violence and melody, heavy as the emotional Maelstrٰöm that swallows the individual facing grief in all its shapes.

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