Nocternity ‎– Harps Of The Ancient Temples 2LP

Nocternity ‎– Harps Of The Ancient Temples 2LP

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Nocternity ‎– 'Harps Of The Ancient Temples' 2LP
2 x LP on black vinyl. Side D features silk-screened artwork. Comes in gatefold sleeve, with booklet & A2-size poster.

Epic 2015 album of cult Greek Black Metal! 'Harps of the Ancient Temples' is black metal from a lost time, It's an ancient darkness that envelops and hypnotizes the listener, recasting NOCTERNITY's elder Scandinavian and Greek Black Metal influences through a prism that refracts no light, but rather absorbs it. Whereas the band's earlier work maintained a windswept, almost cinematic scope and high drama, here on Harps of the Ancient Temples, the pulse is pulled back to a near-catatonic state, dripping with atmosphere and stripping it down to the barest, purest obsidian. The album transports the listener to another realm, offering a total sensory experience like few other black metal records have in the past 15 years. In fact, with NOCTERNITY's roots planted in 1997, Harps of the Ancient Temples fully harks back to the early '90s wave of Scandinavian and Greek BM, with no self-consciousness whatsoever: simply, they LIVE it, this is a descent into the deepest pits of Hades.

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