Ophanim – Tämpelskläng LP

Ophanim – Tämpelskläng LP

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Ophanim – 'T​ä​mpelskl​ä​ng' LP

180g Black vinyl edition with insert limited to 300 copies

2023 album of majestic, atmospheric Black Metal from Switzerland weeping with sombre pipe organ and symphonic decadence. "Tämpelskläng" can best be described as ethereal. The band manages to create celestial atmospheres that are simultaneously airy and incredibly captivating, retaining the listener's attention throughout the entire experience. The music emanates strongly psychedelic characteristics as well, the strength of which is likely drawn from the ancient scriptures Ophanim is inspired by. These aspects are further elevated by an un-intrusive production, a result of Ophanim's meticulous craft.

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