Pœna Sensus – Echoes They Left Behind CD

Pœna Sensus – Echoes They Left Behind CD

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Pœna Sensus – 'Echoes They Left Behind' CD
Digi-sleeve CD edition
2023 album of cinematic Dark Ambient in the vein of Atrium Carceri, Lustmord, Desiderii Marginis etc. Many years have passed, and the traveller eagerly sets out on his lonely journey to find those whose echoes have been left behind in his memories.  The traveller drifts between mortality and aether; between light and dark.  The echoes resonate in his mind and consume him.  He is overcome with grief, sorrow, hopelessness, fear.   He falls to his knees; tears sting his face like rain in a stiff wind.  But he is resolute, and upon finding those whose echoes were left behind, the traveller finds inner peace and transcends to the next level. Echoes They Left Behind contains deep, organic atmospherics complimented by mechanical effects.

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