Pyreficativm – Sól' Anægphomœh CD

Pyreficativm – Sól' Anægphomœh CD

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Pyreficativm – 'S​ó​l' An​æ​gphom​œ​h' CD
Digisleeve CD edition
New 2023 album. Sól' Anægphomœh, it is intended to be one of the last ritualistic pieces within the chronological amalgam of abstrakt sounds in the Dark Ritual Ambient, being the last aberrant orchestration with a much greater vent challenge raised by the use of funeral instruments and ritual artifacts, it has made it a funeral ekstasis that has been deployed towards various edges of the ch´thonic hysterical spheres. Sól' Anægphomœh form a funeral night procession that links diluted articulations in the abstraction of binural sounds, the cranking characters of the twilight with archaic uninherited spirits of Agni ... This piece manages to cause a solemn impact of hysterical acts in the vivid halls of Aries and the ancient Drakonian oceans. Encapsulating this magnanimous orchestration in the various parameters of physical ritualization, mudralical aspects of the ancient traditions and primitive sorcery.

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