Rituals of the Dead Hand - The Wretched and the Vile LP (Grey & Black Galaxy Vinyl)

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Rituals of the Dead Hand - 'The Wretched and the Vile' LP (Grey & Black Galaxy Vinyl)

Grey & Black Galaxy Effect vinyl edition with insert and A2 poster limited to 100 copies

2024 album of  Blackened Doom from Belgium (forged by members from the well-known Post-Metal band Hemelbestormer).  A stifling shroud of heavy doom-paced metal that dirgefully pounds and broods into dark understated melodies with seething black metal aggression. Great riffing entangled with pounding drum parts and low end bass lines that brings the music to the ultimate tension. The vocals are rather old school sounding, but well balanced in the mix to give that little extra.

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