Scourge Lair – Calamities LP

Scourge Lair – Calamities LP

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Scourge Lair – 'Calamities' LP
180g Black vinyl edition with insert limited to 250 copies
Scourge Lair emerged from the hallowed metal grounds of Tampere, Finland in 2014. The sound unleashed  – a furious amalgam of black and death metal – has now evolved to a point at which its brilliance can no longer be overlooked. Like its preceding demos, "Calamities" is born as a composite of the band's primary influences, which perhaps most notably include the likes of Demoncy, Autopsy, Bathory, Darkthrone, and Goatlord. Tempos tend to inhabit the higher end of the spectrum, and songs are not content to be constrained below the five-minute threshold. Instead, they often opt to push several minutes beyond, yet they do so without ever leaving a moment to dull the listener's attention.

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