Selbst – Despondency Chord Progressions LP (Transparent Turquoise Blue with Black Smoke Vinyl)

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Selbst – 'Despondency Chord Progressions' LP

Transparent turquoise blue with black smoke vinyl edition in gatefold sleeve with download code.

2024 release and the dynamic third album from SELBST, finds the Latin American Black Metal band deepening, clarifying and confidently channelling the dark waters of their already elaborate sound. Following the bludgeoning restlessness of heir debut the band steps forward with a fully-fledged sense of purpose - balancing introspection and anger via beautifully flowing arrangements brimming with impassioned melodies.
SELBST rain down tumultuous hammer blows - their trademark 'dissonant' Black Metal intensity remains - but these now share equal space with elevated songwriting, assured vocal work, richly intricate musicality and mellifluous leads of the highest quality, glued together by a pristine drum performance.


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