Soph Eon – Mystherion Kedesh CD

Soph Eon – Mystherion Kedesh CD

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Soph Eon – 'Mystherion Kedesh' CD
Digisleeve CD edition
New 2023 album. Soph Eon symbolizes a separation from which its was once assimilated the Zoroastrian and many other arts under the halo of Pyreficativm, this new entity commands the primordial forces of the dark side of Eden together with a strong Antinomical symbolism, both emissaries are colonized by various transcendental forces that reintegrate into the compositional core of Soph Eon, making an incision within various magical and practical empiricisms towards primitive sorcery, ancient tradition, hypnagogical schemes of the dragon and hidden forces of Ch´thonical circumference. The use of organic funerary artifacts such as kanglings, bronzes, cymbals and various rattles made from ancient seeds and Tibetan instruments that provide a cascade of holographic sounds together with the instrumentation of binaural droning synths.

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