Sysselmann – I Fjellets Hastighet CD

Sysselmann – I Fjellets Hastighet CD

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Sysselmann – 'I Fjellets Hastighet' CD
Digi-sleeve CD edition
2024 album from Norway’s legendary musical artist Sysselmann (Thomas Narverud) - an expert at creating sound environments that open the gates into states of consciousness that lead to ritual and meditation, guiding the listener to connect to deeper parts of themselves and broader aspects of their environment. In fact, he states that his work is foremost a personal journey of spiritual and musical development. Sysselmann’s approach is firmly grounded in the elements and history of his homeland of Norway, expressing the energy of the ancestors, land and spirit of his culture.
He crafts his work with an combination of modern and natural sources. Sysselmann constructs and plays his own homemade acoustic instruments rather than relying on standard sources such as “ the Kravik Lyre and other cliche instruments for making your typical Viking music.”
His instruments are combined with vocal toning, synthesizers, pipes and horns, and extensive field recordings, crafting a sonic experience capable of dramatically shifting the energy and mood of the space where the music is heard or played. His live performances deep in the woods of Norway during the night are the stuff of legend, and you can feel a strong resonance with the elements and nature in all of Sysselmann’s work. 

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