Tehôm ‎– The World You Live In CD

Tehôm ‎– The World You Live In CD

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Tehôm ‎– 'The World You Live In' CD
Digipak edition
Special album release recorded during Mist Crossing Division night together with Phurpa at Cultural Centre “Bum Fabrika” in Moscow. Some tracks are first time ever performed like droning ritual ‘Jaldabaoth’ & ‘Tardema’ from cult 2nd TeHÔM album “Theriomorohic Spirits”. CD is including exclusive new studio track “Ars Magna”. It is about the search for peace within himself edifying the alchemy of form and sound itself, without the magic of verbal components in only one echo of the universe in its vibrations, rhythms and the bustle of particles. Close your eyes and find yourself becoming only an ab-stract construct burnished out of light and shadow

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