The Rite  – The Astral Gloom LP

The Rite – The Astral Gloom LP

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The Rite  – 'The Astral Gloom'  LP

140g Black vinyl edition with printed inner sleeve limited to 200 copies
2023 album from The Rire featuring Black Oath& Denial of God members conjuring morbid black metal  and horrific black doom with influences from iconic bands such as Mercyful Fate, Death SS, Celtic Frost, Samael, Goatlord, Ripper, and others, as well as occult literature. The music walks a fine line between slow direful darkness and fast and merciless attacks! This new album contains another 10 tracks - as dark and dynamic as ever, with creepier excursions into heightened atmospheric experiences without losing any heaviness. That heaviness is provocatively played to the hilt with this two-guitar lineup, and the lead parts evoke a macabre majesty only hinted at before. Once again, THE RITE choose a unique cover - this time, the Lollipops' "Naked When You Come," an eerie psychedelic pop song from 1966 - and they truly make it their own.

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