The Searing  - A T A V I S M CD

The Searing - A T A V I S M CD

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The Searing  - 'A T A V I S M' CD
Digipak CD edition
2022 album of ritualistic dark ambient.
Delving into hazardous psychological puzzles through oneiric operations, it is important to take in consideration certain symbolic elements that better translate the meaning, as the encrypted message or just a psychomimetic exercise to fulfill into a searing state of evolution.
Similar to a major arcana; we object three aspects: The Devil: Ignition / 'To Dare' / Instigation; The Witch: Manipulation / 'To Know' / Operation; The Vessel or Self: Submission / 'To Will' / Attrition; being the fourth a principle 'To Keep Silent', the inner procession and the seal that marks the transit.
The first step, as mentioned, is the Voice, which in a symbolic way is the calling; answered through a storm of angst and pain assuming that the death of the vessel was turbulent; awakened in a shining blaze; unrestful through it's wandering through eternity.
The first element 'Devil - Evil - The Malign Instigation or Absolute Negativity' is the will to damage; the remnants of the conquest through force and the leftovers of a past struggle. The condemnation of the Self; and his first submission to the karmic law. The second action, the Mirror, exposes a meditative gaze towards the afterlife and the mysteries of transmigration; conditioned by the atavistic obstacles of the previous existence; again, following the thread of the turbulent past.
Assuming this way, the vessel adopts the form of a black chariot towards the tortuous spiritual transference.
The second element, The Witch, as the ventriloquist, drives the 'operation' through a spiritual trap: the weapons of the first phase that turn against the Self and subjugate him to a spiral near to senseless though ethereal condemnation. The third and last is the Entrance of an allegorical underworld; in which the vehicle experiences the most stressful part of the process; the ties to previous contempt, that evolves the passage in a submission to the thread of Karma. The attrition begins, the chariot is worn-out but yet oblivious to the eternity of his suffering; though he still shows will in the questioning about his fate. To forever walk in reverse.

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