Trolldom – I Nattens Sken 2LP

Trolldom – I Nattens Sken 2LP

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Trolldom – 'I Nattens Sken' 2LP

Double LP black vinyl edition in gatefold sleeve limited to 700 copies
TROLLDOM is a name that goes back many years but has lain dormant until now, with the simultaneous release of TWO albums in 2022! Of them, 'I Nattens Sken' is the more overtly cosmic creation of his second-wave sensibilities. While TROLLDOM's spectral 'n' stargazing style of black metal mysticism remains firm between the two full-lengths, I Nattens Sken retains a ceaselessly roiling drama steeped in classic definitions of symphonic black metal - meaning, when the idiom was at its peak, roughly around 1996 or '97 - and the clarity conveyed within does nothing to damper Swartadauþuz 's pitch-black fire. Taken another way, I Nattens Sken's cover art perfectly illustrates its contents just as its counterpart's does.  Purer expressions of '90s black metal classicism one will not find nowadays, and both effortlessly transport the listener to forgotten realms and glorious times. 

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