Ungfell – Demo(lition) LP

Ungfell – Demo(lition) LP

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Ungfell – 'Demo(lition)' LP

Black vinyl edition housed in special textured natural green board with A2 poster & download code

Sounds of witchcraft and medieval sorcery from the Swiss coven. Originally released independently in 2015, Ungfell's first recordings show the project in its rawest form, yet nevertheless showcase the promise the two-piece would deliver on in later releases. As such, Demo(lition) sparked a flame in the extreme metal underground that has been burning brightly ever since. Revisiting these songs in 2022, it is clear that Ungfell managed to capture something visceral and authentic. Although the band's influences are more clearly on display here than on their more recent output, Menetekel's ability to craft intricate, yet catchy melodies and embed them in actual songs as opposed to mere riff sequences is clearly noticeable throughout Demo(lition). This ability and ambition is something that the band would hone in on for future releases, making Demo(lition) a somewhat nostalgic listening experience and providing a glimpse into a more simple time for the project.

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