Wampyrinacht ‎– Night Of The Desecration - Les Jardins de Nyx - LP

Wampyrinacht ‎– Night Of The Desecration - Les Jardins de Nyx - LP

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Wampyrinacht ‎– 'Night Of The Desecration - Les Jardins de Nyx -' LP
140g Black vinyl edition with insert limited to 400 copies

One of the deepest gems of the always-vital Greek black metal scene, WAMPYRINACHT began unholy life back in 1995. Their first demo arrived the next year, followed two years later by an EP. Thereafter, WAMPYRINACHT more or less returned to the crypt. Mind you, Necrolord kept busy in myriad bands in the meantime - truly, he is one of the most prolific veterans of the Greek underground.  Now in 2022 WAMPYRINACHT arrive when the time is right with their second album, Night of the Desecration. A dynamic and dazzling display of canonic Hellenic black metal but infused with a melancholy that was indeed vampyric Yet immediately, an uptick in energy and clarity is felt; the oft-otherworldly rawness of its predecessor is replaced by a stout 'n' surging sound brimming with a newfound professionalism that pays off in spades. For Night of the Desecration burns with a fire that flickers in myriad directions - rising, falling, cresting, flowing, all-consuming at every turn across the album's deceptively epic 43-minute runtime - but always focused, always finessed. Leading the charge is Necrolord's guitar work here, ably balancing stout 'n' strident riffing with emotive 'n' bone-chilling leads; the heavy metal spirit at the core of classic Greek black metal pulses proudly, but WAMPYRINACHT doubtlessly put their own shadowy twist on it.

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